Receive and Process
Files at Scale

Features to control your incoming files

Receive files

Offer a variety of ways for customers and partners to send you files.

More about the ways files can be sent
  • Direct upload
  • Email attachments
  • Share files from iOS and Android
  • Send links (ImportFeed extracts sent links automatically)

Communicate with clients

Let clients check the status and add information about their files.

  • A personal dashboard for clients
  • Clients can receive status updates on their files
  • Clients can add information about their files
  • Multiple language support

Improve searchability

Find your files with intelligent search.

  • Filter files by name, date, or sender
  • Search by the customized metadata that you've defined
  • View attachments of specific incoming emails
  • Complete access to the details sent with the files

Boost teamwork

Process files faster while preventing confusion.

  • Add fields to fit your specific workflow
  • Colors will help you keep track
  • Add comment for team members and clients
  • Tag and filter to divide work between team members

Secure your files

Protect your customers' files and control access.

More about our security
  • Clients access their files only
  • Only listed clients can send on their behalf
  • Allow or suspend the access of a client or team member
  • Control what information is visible to your clients

Process documents

One-click to view and edit documents and images.

  • Read, view, zoom, rotate, and crop images
  • Open, merge, or split PDF documents
  • Download single or groups of files
  • File versions are saved as you make changes

Store your files

Choose where you'd like your files to be automatically stored.

  • Use your existing cloud storage
  • Set target folders based on sender, date, or filename
  • Export only files you've successfully processed


Keep track of different versions of your work.

  • Restore accidentally deleted files
  • View older versions of files
  • Set retention policies

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