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Better Document Management and Client Communications

Communicate effectively

In the modern digital world of constant connectivity, clients always want to be kept in the loop. Gone are the days when they'd wait patiently to get back to them — clients nowadays are anxious to always know what's going on.

But the perpetual stream of "is it done yet?" can be overwhelming, and it's often all but impossible to respond in a way that will please them.

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Work productively

That's where a client portal comes in: clients get to see the details of what's going on without needing to bug you about it. They can feel that they are in the loop, and can rest assured that they are in safe hands with you.

Clients can also upload documents directly from their computers or phones, for you to deal with in your own time. You can have the client portal prompt clients for any extra details you want them to give, or if they feel that they have something specific to tell you about a document they can append to it a note. Either way, you'll see everything in the same place.

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Collaborate privately

Security is a top priority: access to the client portal and the documents within are protected with best-in-class encryption. Each client has their own unique login, and access is limited only to those you authorize. Thus your clients can rest assured that their sensitive documents are kept private and secure.

Furthermore, you choose the precise details of what you share with your clients: internal notes between you and your staff will be kept fully private and confidential, while information such as the filling status of a document can be shared safely to reassure the anxious client.

In this day and age, clients expect to be constantly in the loop and always kept up to date, but you shouldn't have to spend all of your own time chasing after them. Our client portal makes it so that you can instead focus on the things that really matter.

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