Securely Receive
Files from Clients
at Scale

Helping teams receive and process clients' files

  • Receiving links and email attachments?
  • Downloading files manually?
  • Dragging files between folders?
  • Looking for the updated file?
  • Emailing to update status?

Put your incoming files on autopilot

A Secure and Scalable Way to Receive Files for Businesses

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Quick to setup

Invite your clients or partners using only their email.

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Easy for clients

Clients can securely send files at any time. No need to install anything.

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Powerful for teams

All your team's files in one place, searchable and ready.

We make it easy to receive and process clients' documents

  • Documents coming from too many places?
  • Having a hard time finding them?
  • Not sure which ones are the newest?
  • Or whether your teammate already processed them?

More about clients' documents

Never download an email attachment again

Save time and human error

Protect clients' privacy

Automate file management

Serve more clients

Go paperless

Work remotely with any device

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How it works

Add your clients and partners

Invite them to securely share files with you via email, WhatsApp, Dropbox, and more.

More about the ways that files can be sent
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Receive your files

Files arrive from your clients and partners, ready for you to process.

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Work together

Collaboration tools help you process incoming files quickly and keep your clients informed.

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What people are saying

Matan, Casific LTD
We significantly minimized ongoing API integration costs and now able to have a clear picture of incoming data.
Ben, BB Fin Solutions LTD
We were immediately able to collect documents and paperwork from our clients and to reduce email/phone communications.
Vlad, Sunny Music Group LTD
We can now control our stream of incoming media, easily pull files we need, and collaborate internally to process everything faster.
Roy, Safe Drive Systems
Our clients know we receive their files without calling to ask, which helps us focus on serving them quickly and reliably.

Who it's for


Receive clients' income, expenses, tax, and compliance documents, and collaborate with your team to process them.


Automatically extract images/audio/video from emails, Dropbox or Google Drive, and have them stored in the right folders.


Keep track of incoming documents, take notes, and search and find what you need in seconds.


Receive inventory via FTP or APIs, let your developers process incoming files while keeping the back-office in control.


Create data pipelines in seconds. Receive data from APIs, FTP, or S3, then get notified by webhook as it arrives.

Data Scientists

Connect to structured and unstructured data sources in seconds, and sync them to your DBs and data-lakes.

Features to control your incoming files

Receive files

Offer a variety of ways for clients and partners to send you files.

More about the ways files can be sent
  • Direct upload
  • Email attachments
  • Share files from iOS and Android
  • Send links (ImportFeed extracts sent links automatically)

Communicate with clients

Let clients check the status and add information about their files.

  • A personal dashboard for clients
  • Clients can receive status updates on their files
  • Clients can add information about their files
  • Multiple language support

Improve searchability

Find your files with intelligent search.

  • Filter files by name, date, or sender
  • Search by the customized metadata that you've defined
  • View attachments of specific incoming emails
  • Complete access to the details sent with the files

Boost teamwork

Process files faster while preventing confusion.

  • Add fields to fit your specific workflow
  • Colors will help you keep track
  • Add comment for team members and clients
  • Tag and filter to divide work between team members

Secure your files

Protect your clients' files and control access.

More about our security
  • Clients access their files only
  • Only listed clients can send on their behalf
  • Allow or suspend the access of a client or team member
  • Control what information is visible to your clients

Process documents

One-click to view and edit documents and images.

  • Read, view, zoom, rotate, and crop images
  • Open, merge, or split PDF documents
  • Download single or groups of files
  • File versions are saved as you make changes

Store your files

Choose where you'd like your files to be automatically stored.

  • Use your existing cloud storage
  • Set target folders based on sender, date, or filename
  • Export only files you've successfully processed


Keep track of different versions of your work.

  • Restore accidentally deleted files
  • View older versions of files
  • Set retention policies

Happier clients. Productive team.

Make it easy for clients to send documents and stay informed.

Start receiving files today