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Give your customers a secure way to collaborate with you in the cloud.

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Never search for documents again

Connect with your customers | image by unDraw

Connect with your customers

Your customers send documents using their preferred method and get status updates in real-time.

Keep your workflow in order | image by unDraw

Keep your workflow in order

Incoming documents are automatically organized for fast processing.

Serve your customers faster | image by unDraw

Serve your customers faster

Document processing tools and direct customer feedback help you quickly get things done.

Helping businesses save time

Matan, Casific LTD
We minimized email communication and have a clear picture of our incoming documents.
Ben, BB Fin Solutions LTD
Clients' paperwork is streaming in and is processed in seconds by our team.
Vlad, Sunny Music Group
A friendly and responsive team, they quickly added the features we needed and made sure our process is fully automated.
Roy, Safe Drive Systems
Our clients know we receive their files and can access them at any time.

Built for growth

Serve more customers

Customers send their documents and receive status updates once processed

Process incoming documents fast

View documents and set statuses in seconds

Automate document organization

Detect duplicates, tag, split, and merge documents

Build a strong brand

Brand the customer portal with your logo

Locate documents quickly

Find the documents you need by customer, date, or status

Protect your customers' privacy

Let your customers securely access their documents

Work remotely

Access and process your documents on any device

Track changes

View previous document versions and track changes

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How it works

➊ Your customers easily send documents

Customers send documents, take pictures, or forward emails, from any device.

➋ Fast document processing

Your incoming documents form into one actionable list.

➌ Get the overall status and quickly locate documents

Find documents by client, date, or satus.

Your customers' experience

➊ Customers can snap and send pictures

One-click to scan and send pictures using a smartphone.

➋ Customers can forward emails

Each one of your customers has a dedicated email address to forward emails.

➌ Customers can access their documents

A secure customer portal where customers can quickly locate their documents.

Let your team and customers share paperwork and 
get things done.

Start your free trial
  • 45-day free trial
  • no credit card needed
  • 5-min setup