Securely Receive 
Clients' Documents
 at Scale

Receive clients' documents and collaborate to process them fast

  • Documents coming from too many places?
  • Having a hard time finding them?
  • Not sure which ones are the newest?
  • Or whether your teammate already processed them?

ImportFeed can help

A Secure and Scalable Way to Receive Clients' Documents

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Quick document processing

Incoming documents are categorized and ready to be processed.

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Easy for clients

Clients easily send documents, add notes, and receive status.

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Powerful for teams

Powerful document processing tools and automated client feedback.

Never download an email attachment again

Save time and human error

Protect clients' privacy

Automate file management

Serve more clients

Go paperless

Work remotely with any device

How it works

Add your clients and partners

Invite them to securely share files with you via email, WhatsApp, Dropbox, and more.

More about the ways that files can be sent
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Receive your files

Files arrive from your clients and partners, ready for you to process.

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Work together

Collaboration tools help you process incoming files quickly and keep your clients informed.

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What people are saying

Matan, Casific LTD
We significantly minimized ongoing API integration costs and now able to have a clear picture of incoming data.
Ben, BB Fin Solutions LTD
We were immediately able to collect documents and paperwork from our clients and to reduce email/phone communications.
Vlad, Sunny Music Group LTD
We can now control our stream of incoming media, easily pull files we need, and collaborate internally to process everything faster.
Roy, Safe Drive Systems
Our clients know we receive their files without calling to ask, which helps us focus on serving them quickly and reliably.

Happier clients. Productive team.

Make it easy for clients to send documents and stay informed.

Start receiving files today