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We help businesses reach more clients and protect their privacy.

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Who We Are

We're a team of software experts who love data and infrastructure. Our mission is to simplify the way businesses receive files from their customers, so they can focus on processing them.

We believe that reliable and stable client communication is necessary for a healthy business.

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Why We Created ImportFeed

As a team, we've faced the challenge of documents coming from too many places and having a hard time finding them one too many times.

To solve this problem once and for all we took it one step forward and encapsulated our years of experience into ImportFeed.

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The Problem We Want to Solve

Receiving documents from hundreds or thousands of clients require spending a lot of time on emails, saving files in folders, updating spreadsheets, and calling customers for status updates.

We aim to make it easy for clients to drop files in, and businesses to collaborate remotely and process them in seconds.

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Who Are We Building This For

ImportFeed is designed for teams to receive and collaborate around incoming clients' documents: Easily locating files, quickly viewing, and setting status for customers and other team members to see.

We seek to automate everything in the process, to make document sending and processing as easy as one click.

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