Fields let you customize the sysetem to your needs by adding extra columns to your list of files.

Use fields to document file processing information, communicate with your customers, and collaborate with your team.

Add a new field

In your files screen, choose Columns -> Add new

Files columns menu

Set up your new field:

  • Name — give the field an informative name.
  • Type — text, number, date, or define a list of options.
  • Visible to uploaders — choose wether to show this fields to your customers, or hide it from them.
  • Editable by uploaders — choose if you want your customers to be able to modify it, or make it read-only.
  • On/off switch — you can turn this field on/off whenever you like.

Add field

Types of fields

Text — add your comments or notes to the files.

Number — for currency, quantities, and/or positive or negative numeric figures.

Date — the date of processing, the transaction date, or any other calendar date. The date can be typed, or picked from a calendar:

Field edit value date

Selection — a status, category, or any predefined list of options.

You can choose a name and color for each option. You’ll always be able to add more options later.

Selection field - add option Selection field - choose colors

Filtering files by a field

Once you’ve added your field, you’ll automatically be able to filter your files by it.

Use field filtering to:

  • Find files that need processing
  • Search for files by specific criteria
  • Count files that meet certain conditions

Filter files

Edit an existing field

Click on Columns to edit or reorder your fields at any time.

Files columns menu - edit or reorder fields

You can change the field as you’d like:

  • Rename your field
  • Change the field’s type
  • Add or change value options and colors
  • Make it visible or invisible to customers
  • Let customers edit, or disable customer editing
  • Temporarily turn on/off
  • If you need to, you can even delete the field forever.

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