Customer Portal

Understand Your Customers' File Sending Experience

Receiving your invitation

Once you’ve invited your customers to securely share files, they will receive an email invitation:

Client invitation

Your customers can securely send files using their preferred method:

  • A dedicated email address to send files to
  • Their personal Customer Portal

A dedicated email address

Using their dedicated email address, your customers can

  • Foward emails with attachments
  • Share files from iOS and Android
  • Automatically forward recurring documents

Only customers you’ve invited can send files via their dedicated email addresses.

A personal Customer Portal

After choosing to accept your invitation, your customers set a secure password and are sent directly to their personal dashboard:

Client login

With a few clicks, your customers use their dashboard to:

  • Quickly upload files
  • Access their uploaded files
  • Get your status updates
  • Add information about their files

Customer Portal


Using their settings menu, customers can

Customer Portal Settings

Customize your customers' experience

Learn how to exchange information with your customers using Fields.

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