Receive Files From Clients

How to Invite Your Clients to Securely Send Files

Your clients can securely send files using any method they prefer:

  • Using a dedicated email address, clients can send emails with attachments or links, or forward emails they've received.
  • In their personal Client Portal, clients can can upload, access, and add extra information about their files.

Create a source

Click the + button to add a new source.

Navigation - Add source

Add your clients’ information

  • The name of their organization.
  • The name and optionally email address and/or phone number whoever will be sending files on behalf of that organization.

(You'll be able to modify this later.)

Add source - Manual upload

Send invitations

Add a personal note, and send out the invitations.

Manual upload source - Send invites

Track and modify

View contacts, and modify or resend invitations as necessary.

Manual upload source - view

Understand your clients’ file sending experience

Learn how clients send files using their Client Portal.

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